NATO Scrambles F-16 Jets Over Lithuania After Russian Warplanes Allegedly Enter Airspace

The Ukraine conflict continues to simmer, with the conclusive presidential election perceived as a positive even as the fighting in the eastern part of the nation intensifies, but it is NATO member Lithuania where today's action was, where according to the Lithuanian Defense Ministry, NATO sent two fighter jets from Estonia after Lithuania said Russian vessel disturbed civilian shipping in Baltic Sea, and two Russian warplanes flew over Lithuanian airspace.

According to Bloomberg citing the Lithuanian press release, a Lithuanian warship and helicopter also deployed.

Russian corvette in Lithuanian waters yesterday diverted civilian ships during missile exercises.


“It is unsettling that currently Russia has been holding military exercises that penetrate into Lithuania’s exclusive economic zone with their safety zones:” Defense Minister Juozas Olekas.


Two F-16 fighters sent from Estonia air base after 2 Russian SU-24s and 1 SU-27 warplane flew into Lithuania airspace.

This too is bullish for stocks: worst case scenario the ECB has to print a few more fighter jets. As for Russian de-escalation and not testing NATO resolve, that particular theory may need some reworking.