Russia Tells Kiev "It Is Ready To Provide Humanitarian Aid" To East Ukraine

Some were confused by the latest bout of radiosilence emanating from the Kremlin in the aftermath of both the "Chocolate King" winning the Ukraine presidential election, and the most recent escalation of fighting in self-proclaimed as independent Republic of Donetsk, in which more than 50 "separatists" were killed. This ended moments ago when the Russian foreign ministry issued a press release that it has received appeals for humanitarian aid from the "conflict zone" in east Ukraine, and that more importantly, it is is ready to the "provide the population with the required assistance."

As Bloomberg adds, Russia has asked for Ukraine’s help in allowing delivery of supplies to affected areas, and that it is ready to seek approval on routes, terms of transporation of supplies, ministry says.

"Given the urgent nature of the situation, Russia is counting on the fastest possible answer from Ukraine on this request,” the ministry says.

Naturally, since Ukraine will respond with a resounding "no" to any official Russian entry into its territory, it then puts Russia - which has formally acknowledged east Ukraine is asking for its help - in the position of deciding what the best way of aiding citizens in the east. Without the Kiev government's support.

From the Russian Ministry:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a note to Ukraine, which draws the attention of the Ukrainian side to the fact that the Russian side has received insistent appeals from individuals and organizations in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine, where as a result of military actions there are numerous human casualties and victims, asking for urgent humanitarian assistance, especially medical supplies and medicines.


Russian stressed that it is ready to provide the population in these regions with the required assistance, and proposed to the Ukrainian side to promptly take the necessary measures to ensure the immediate delivery of Russian humanitarian aid to the affected regions.


Specific routes and transport conditions of such humanitarian assistance, according to the note, could be agreed in due course through the appropriate Russian and Ukrainian authorities.


Given the urgent nature of the situation, Russia is counting on the fastest possible answer from Ukraine on this request.