Tiananmen Square In Pictures: Now And 25 Years Ago

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Here is a photo album comparison of the changes in China between then and now.

The Tank Man

A solitary man faced off with a line of government tanks in June 1989 on Changan Boulevard, outside Tiananmen Square. A photograph taken that day captured the essence of the upheaval for the world. These days, cars and pedestrians populate the busy intersection.


In The Square

In May 1989, Tiananmen Square was covered with a protester encampment. Today, digital signs display the words "Prosperity, Democracy, Civilization, Harmony, Justice, Rule of Law, Patriotism, Professional Dedication, Integrity, Friendliness," and tourists snap photos on smartphones.


Forbidden City

After crushing the student protests at Tiananmen Square, troops with the People's Liberation Army stood guard at the entrance to the Forbidden City. Today, paramilitary police raise and lower the flag at the square each morning and night.


Great Hall Of The People

In April 1989, students staging a sit-in outside Beijing's Great Hall of the People listened as a protest leader read a list of demands. In late May 2014, soldiers with the People's Liberation Army were preparing for a visit by the Malaysian prime minister, in a visible display of government might.

Source: WSJ