With Cantor Down, Which Other Politicians Has Goldman Invested In?

As we showed yesterday, with the shocking departure of Eric Cantor from the political scene, perhaps no firm is more disappointed that it will not generate the hoped 77,500%+ IRR on its "investment" in the Republican politician than Goldman Sachs. Indeed, of all 435 representatives in the House, Cantor was the one person that Goldman had contributed the most cash to in 2014 (surpassed only by 5 other Congressmen, all Senators). But before you panic just how will Goldman survive with its best-funded "representative" on his way out, here is a list of all the other representatives and senators that Goldman has invested its hard-stolen earned cash in just the 2014 year alone.

From Opensecrets



And that is just page 1 of 3.

And a longer-term breakdown:

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So don't worry: even without Eric Cantor, Goldman will be ok.