Images Of A Post-Abenomics Euphoria Hangover

With Japan's "Misery Index" at its highest in 33 years, it is not surprising that the population of salarymen have turned to the bottle (Johnnie Walker Black) once more. As is well known, Japanese culture dictates that businessmen should not offend their superiors by refusing a drink, but many find themselves imbibing far more than they can handle. The following ten images reflect the other side of Abenomics sentiment-crushing reality - salarymen in various states of intoxication sprawled on pavements, trains and street benches...


The train appears to be the most popular resting place when under the influence

Salarymen appear to be able to sleep in the smallest of spaces

Although taking up three seats could be considered greedy

If there isn't enough room to spread out, the walls can be utilised

Or the floor...

Not so much downward facing dog, more upward facing grog...

Inebriated sleeping can lead to Elvis Presley impersonations

It's one thing sleeping in your suit, but stripping off will definitely lead to your picture circulating the World Wide Web

Praying and sleeping simultaneously for base wage increases...

It's daytime!!

Source: The Telegraph and


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