GDP Negative: 64-Year-Old Meth Cook Arrested In California Retirement Community

Walter White he isn't: just call him Breaking Bob.

According to AP, Fresno police have arrested a 64-year-old man suspected of cooking methamphetamine in his apartment at a retirement community. KFSN-TV reports Robert Short was pulled over as part of a routine traffic stop late Saturday and officers found meth in his car.

Investigators then went to Short’s apartment in the California League-Fresno Village, where they found a half pound of meth, heroin and materials for a meth lab.


Police say the street value of the drugs Short was carrying is close to $1,700. Officers also found scales and baggies in his car for the sale of meth.


Short’s neighbors at the senior housing facility say despite the tight-knit community there, they didn’t know Short, who kept to himself.


Short had been on supervised release for previous drug sales.

A video of the bizarre incident:


But aside from the fact that in a New Normal in which senior citizens are forced to cook meth in order to survive, perhaps a more salient question is how long until local police departments are told to stop busting drug dealers around the nation for fear of what that could do to US GDP growth?

Recall that as insolvent Europe has shown recently, in order to magicially and artificially, make its GDP appear stronger, one simply needs to "estimate" the positive impact of such illegal activity as prostitution and drugs, and add them to the national output.

With US GDP once again sliding fast and just one negative quarterly print away from an outright recession , it is only a matter of time before the US Department of Commerce adopts this latest methodology. And then comes the question: at what point will DEA busts of this kind be considered counterproductive to GDP growth?

Because while today's meth lab bust was tiny and its desappearance will hardly nudge "pro forma, Non-GAAP" GDP materially lower, what happens if and when a massive drug facility a la Pollos Hermanos is taken down: will the Deutsche Bank chief "economist" advise that net of drug busts US GDP was really substantially higher? Or rather make that when, not if...



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