Consumer Confidence Surges To Highest Since Jan 08; Under-35s At Lowest In 2014

The American consumer has not been as confident as this since January 2008... can you feel the confidence? The reaching for credit, the spending beyond your means; what could go wrong? Oddly, despite the exuberance, fewer people expect an increase in income (borrow or charge we assume?). The biggest driver of this confidence appears to be the spike from 79.7 to 99.5 in the Pacific region's confidence... but plunged in the Mountain and Central regions. Only 26.7% believe stocks can fall from here - near the lowest since 2009. Furthermore, those aged under-35 saw confidence plunge to 2014 lows.




It is clear where the confidence is...


As the number who believe stocks can fall is at post-2009 lows...


Charts: Bloomberg


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