Abe's Worst Nightmare: Household Spending Collapses As Inflation Spikes

UPDATE: USDJPY has tumbled to 5 week lows and NKY has retraced all post-Fed gains


Japan is in trouble. Normally the news that a piece of macro data had utterly and completely collapsed would be greeted by thge BFTD mentality as bad news reinforces the printing-press of central planners' put guarenteeing future wealth for all... but not this time. Household spending collapsed 8.0% in May (echoing the plunge following the last tax hike in 1997) - more than double expectations and almost as bad as the month of the tsunami. Great news? That's the problem... the great limiter of central bank largesse is looming as Japanese CPI spiked to 3.7% - its highest in 24 years! (and Core CPI at 3.4% - its highest since 1982) This implicitly hobbles the BoJ from further exuberance and already JPY strength (and NKY weakness) are showing.


Household spending collapses...


And inflation spikes... (with core CPI at 3.4% - its highest since 1982)


Now what Abe? More depends?