The Best And Worst Performing Assets In Q2 And The First Half Of 2014

Here are the best and worst performing assets broken down by the three key time periods as we leave the first half of 2013 (it's not been a good year for wheat).


  • Best: Silver
  • Worst: Wheat


  • Best: Russia's MICEX stock market
  • Worst: Wheat

First Half

  • Best: Italy's FTSE-MIB stock market and Spain's IBEX - thanks Draghi TLTRO
  • Worst: Wheat

Some additional commentary from Deutsche Bank:

In YTD terms, of the main indices we track the FTSE-MIB (+14.5%) and the IBEX (+12.8%) have been the star performers. Spanish, Portuguese and Italian bonds have not been far behind. Interestingly commodities make up quite a few of the other top ten places (with the CRB index, Gold, Silver and Oil returning between 7-11%), but also 2 of the worst 3 with Wheat and Copper both down more than 6%. Also negative was Chinese equities (-1.5%) after disappointing growth in H1 which may explain some part of the weakness for certain commodities. The Nikkei (-6.1%) was the only other asset lower YTD in our sample. Apart from these four all the other assets saw a positive 2014 total return. Credit has put in a good performance in 2014 so far with most major indices returning between 4-7% which is impressive in the low yield, low spread environment.

Source: DB