Factory Orders Drop Most Since Jan; Inventories Surge Most Since Oct 2011

The post-weather rebound is over. Factory Orders, which were expected to fall modestly, dropped 0.5% - the biggest drop and biggest miss since January. Notably defense-spending dropped 30% as it seems we didn't need 10 new submarines in May (and this is with Ex-Im bank still funding growth). On the flip side, if you were wondering where the recent data (survey) exuberance has come from, wonder no more - inventories in May rose 0.8% - the biggest rise since Oct 2011. More malinvestment-driven exuberance - if only wages were up? Surely subprime credit is soaring so that will take care of it.

Factory Orders have stalled the recovery falling back to January contraction levels.


But this is apparently good news for GDP: inventories have surged by the most since October of 2011.


Need moar inventories... forget the orders..