Israel Defense Force Deletes "Nuclear Leak" Tweet; Blames Cyber Terrorism

How to start World War 3? Step 1) Hack IDF Twitter account; Step 2) Tweet that Israel's secret nuclear facility has suffered a potential leak after shelling; Step 3) wait for US response... It appears (though for now has not been confirmed) that the Israel Defense Force's Twitter account was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army who then tweeted "#WARNING: Possible nuclear leak in the region after 2 rockets hit Dimona nuclear facility" The Tweet was deleted soon after - not before all major newswires picked it up - and the report has been denied by the IDF. We can only imagine the market response to this tweet if US traders were not all out buying beers and burgers..


The original Tweet from @IDFSpokesperson


The Tweet was deleted minutes later after this image (of the Syrian Electronic Army) was tweeted...


and this...


But The IDF was quick to note it was not correct...

Israeli army is investigating how posting appeared on its official Twitter account saying there was risk of nuclear leak after rocket hit Dimona facility, military spokesman says on condition of anonymity in accordance with regulation.


Tweet was later deleted; army spokesman declines to comment on possibility the official account was hacked

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And then The IDF issues this statement:


Finally, this is how the SEA responded minutes ago: