Minimum Wage Consequences? iPhone 6 Will Be Made By "FoxBots"

First it was burgers, then waiters, traders, and recently earnings-report-writers; but now it's iPhones. The endless pressure to raise minimum wages, demand bathroom breaks, expect to sleep, and tolerable breathing standards have finally culminated in China's FoxConn - manufacturer of the iPhone - to use a 'robot army' to build the new model. As The Daily Mail reports, The firm has pledged to have a million robot workers by the end of the year - and CEO Terry Gou has revealed the robots, dubbed 'Foxbots', are in the final stages of testing.


As The Daily Mail reports,

It is believed Foxconn will install 10,000 robots as a test.




Lines dedicated to Apple devices getting first priority, according to IT Home.


It says Gou told a shareholder meeting that Apple would be the first company to take advantage of the new robot workers meaning that its next product - the iPhone 6 - will be manufactured in this way.




Each $25,000 Foxbot can complete an average of 30,000 devices per year it has been claimed.


Foxconn, which currently employs more than 1.2 million workers at its various factories across China.


However, the firm's robot initiative has been delayed since it was first announced in 2011.


At the time, Gou said the company had about 10,000 units already in operation, a number that was supposed to rise to 300,000 in 2012, then one million by 2014.

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Great news for FoxConn stock... how long until China rules robots illegal?