T.I.G.E.R. Valley Bug Out Drill

Bug Out Drill - Waco, TX

When: Saturday, Oct 4, 2014
Where: Joe Russell Rd & Hwy 84, Prairie Hill, TX 

Description/Course Description/Equipment Requirements

It's here again, the 2014 Bug Out Drill, the challenge unlike any other. You’re driving home from work and an EMP strikes, the Russians have detonated several nukes over the United States. The pulse has destroyed all electronics and chaos has ensued. No signal lights, bank alarms, stores are being robbed for anything of value. You move to your trunk and get you Bug Out bag and start heading home, the best way you know. This means you must trek over wooded and public roads, hiding from possible thugs that might want to strip you of anything of value. Expect 17 or 18 miles of cross country movement, lots of shooting situations and test of your thinking ability and preparedness. You must get home as quickly as possible, good luck.


Time: Sign-in at 7:00am; Drill begins at 8:00am


Equipment: No calibers above .308. No armor piercing ammunition or tracer rounds allowed. All shooters will be required to carry a pistol at all times during the match. This will be a high round count event, both shooter should bring 150 rounds of rifle and 100 rounds of pistol, if you don’t miss. There is no weapon or equipment limits, but if you use it you must carry it. There can be no switching of gear or dropping of gear during the match, you start with it you finish with it. This year you must carry all your water, or filter it from the stock pond.

Cost: $150 (This event is limited to 50 competitors)





October 4th...You've got almost three months to prepare.  Maybe.