The Latest Updates About Ukraine And Flight MH17: News Roundup

For those just waking up and looking to catch up on all the latest news out of Ukraine and the MH17 crash response in particular, here is the latest news roundup.

  • Putin says country will resist attempts to destabilize it; sees not direct threat to Russian sovereignty
  • Putin, Dutch PM Rutte hold phone call on MH17 crash issues
  • Separatist leader Borodai hands over black boxes; says rebels didn’t shoot down MH17
  • Train with MH17 bodies arrives in Kharkiv: Interfax
  • Pro-Russia rebels released bodies of victims, turned over two black box flight recorders; have given investigators access to MH17 crash site.
  • EU Foreign ministers meet today to discuss sanctions against Russia; U.K., Germany seek to limit expectations
  • German Deployment for UN in Ukraine conceivable: Leipziger
  • Obama urges Putin to rein in “Russia-backed” rebels
  • Self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic PM Borodai declares ceasefire at site, says separatists didn’t have technical means to shoot down plane
  • Russian Ambassador to Malaysia says “no way” rebels could down plane, videos implicating them are fake 
  • Russian military says Ukraine fighter jet picked up speed toward MH17
  • Russia's Rakhmanov says Russian isolation would mean "collapse" for Europe
  • Dutch deaths prompt angry calls to Rutte for action; Netherlands considers measures
  • PM Rutte says Putin made “constructive contribution” to efforts at organizing probe
  • Putin said crash shouldn’t be used for political gain
  • Steinmeier skeptical over UN Force in Ukraine: Bild


  • U.N. Security Council yday unanimously approved resolution calling for international probe, unimpeded access to site and end to military activities around wreckage
  • Merkel, Putin discuss ICAO’s role in crash investigation; need for talks
  • U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov agree on impartial investigation
  • Russians divided over their country’s role in Ukraine: poll
  • France to cancel second Mistral sale if sanctions raised
  • MAS to offer $5,000 aid to MH17 families
  • Lufthansa joins Emirates in call for MH17 summit: Reuters
  • Malaysian Air likely near end of days as publicly traded co.
  • MAS says flight to London over Syria is ICAO-approved
  • Shell says 2 Dutch, 2 Malaysian employees died on MH17


  • Ukrainian Parliament votes for partial mobilization of reserves, military-age citizens
  • France to cancel second Mistral ship sale if Russian sanctions fortified
  • Russia amassing troops at Ukraine frontier: border service
  • Russian PM Medvedev says 144k Ukrainians have sought refuge in Russia
  • Credit Suisse CEO sees little Russia impact on business; notes general impact on markets


  • Yield on 10-yr ruble bonds down 8bps to 9%
  • Ruble appreciates 0.9% vs euro-dollar basket
  • Micex +1.3% to 1,402.66, largest gain since July 7
  • Hryvnia strengthens 0.3% to 11.67 per dollar
  • Brent crude rises 0.4% to $108.51/bbl; WTI up 0.1% to $104.72/bbl


Source: Bloomberg


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