Where Facebook's Second Quarter User Growth And Revenue Generation Was In Charts

Moments ago Facebook, unlike AT&T which missed on revenue and EPS, beat both the top line expectations of $2.81 billion print reporting $2.91 billion on EPS of $0.42, higher than the $0.32 expected.  Here is the full breakdown.

  • Daily Active Users: 829 million (Exp. 831MM)
  • Monthly Active Users: 1.317 billion (Exp. 1.31 billion)
  • Mobile Monthly Active Users: 1.07 billion (Exp. 1.07 billion)
  • Free cash flow: $873 million, down from $922 million in Q1 and down from $1.054 billion in Q2 2013

And visually, first the Daily Active Users:


Next monthly:


The Mobile users:


Revenue broken down by geography:


ARPU broken down by region:


Finally the magic of non-GAAP adjustment.

Of course, none of this matters until Yellen Capital Management opines if FaceBook is still a bubble or not...



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