Things In The Middle East Are About To Get Much Worse

There are major clashes occurring currently in The West Bank tonight as claims of 10s of thousands and Palestinians clash with Israeli soldiers. Sadly, as the photos below reveal taken moments ago show, things appear set to get very much worse.



As Sky reports,

Israeli security forces have shot dead three Palestinians during a massive protest in the West Bank, according to medical officials.


The three people were among an estimated 10,000 people who are clashing with soldiers and border police at a checkpoint in Qalandiya, between Jerusalem and Ramallah.


The protest came hours after 15 people were killed and more than 200 injured when a UN school in the city of Beit Hanoun was hit by an artillery shell.


At least 90 people were injured in the checkpoint clashes, with some reports that live fire was being used.


An Israeli army spokeswoman told the AFP news agency soldiers were using "riot disposal means" to control the protest.


She said: "There are thousands of rioters there. They are rolling burning tyres and throwing Molotov cocktails and fireworks at soldiers and border police.


"The soldiers are responding with riot disposal means."

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