Settlements and Fines from TBTF Institutions Since the Crisis

Let's take a look at the amount of settlements/fines from various banks and financial institutions around the world since the crisis. There are probably a lot of settlements/fines I have missed, frankly the amount below is already staggering, so this is a very rough estimate. Some perspective, most of these individual banks have now paid more in fines then the value of most countries GDP's. Total tally from the listed Fines/Settlements below is $170,702,800,000. Reminder: Jail time served by any board members or CEO's of the following TBTF list=0. #FreeCorzine. Meanwhile, Supreme Leader Obama is going on and on about making the system "fair" and for the people to stop being so "cynical" and instead be more "hopeful," while the same people who caused the last financial crisis are the same people still in charge. 



*AIG 1.6 Billion Settlement with SEC, New York State over securities fraud


*Bank of America $8.4 Billion Countrywide Predatory Lending Settlement


*Goldman Sachs $550 Million Settlement to SEC for Subprime Mortgage CDO



*KPMG $37 Million Settlement over Auditing at Wachovia

*Wells Fargo $590 Million Settlement in Claims over Wachovia

*Bank of America $8.5 Billion Settlement with BNY Mellon over Mortgages

*Bank of America $1.6 Billion Assuared Guarantee Settlement

*Bank of America $1.5 Billion Fannie Mae Settlement 

*Citigroup $285 Million Settlement with SEC over Fraud Charges

*UBS $2.5 Million Fine to FINRA over Lehman Notes


2011 Total $12,514,000,000



*Deutsche Bank $202 Million to Settle Misleading Department of Housing and Urban Development on Mortgages

*JPM $1.8 Billion Settlement Nationwide Settlement over Improper Foreclosures

*JPM $269.9 Million Settlement with SEC over Creation and Underwriting of MBS

*JPM $20 Million Settlement Mishandling of Lehman Funds

*Ally/GMAC, BofA, Citi, JPM, Wells Fargo $25 Billion National Mortgage Settlement

*UBS 1.5 Billion Settlement over Rate Rigging 

*Barclays $453 Million Settlement over Libor Probe

*Bank of America $2.4 Billion Merrill Lynch Securities Fraud Settlement

*Bear Stearns $275 Million Settlement with Shareholders

2012 Total $31,919,000,000



*JPM $13 Billion Civil Settlement with Justice Department for Mortgage Lending Practices

*JPM $110 Million Settlement on manipulation of Japanese version of Libor 

*JPM $4.5 Billion to 21 Institutional Investors to Settle losses tied to Mortgage-Backed Securities

*JPM $100 Million Settlement to CFTC for London Whale Trades 

*JPM $920 Million Settlements with OCC, SEC, FED, UK Fin. Conduct Authority over London Whale

*JPM $410 Million Settlement over California Electricity Rigging

*JPM $5.1 Billion FHFA Settlement

*Deutsche Bank $1.9 Billion Settlement with FHFA

*Deutsche Bank €725 Million Settlement for Euribor and Yen Libor Rigging

*Bank of America $11.2 Billion Fannie Mae Settlement

*Bank of America $2.9 Billion Settlement with FED and OCC

*Bank of America $1.7 Billion MBIA Settlement

*Bank of America $131.8 Million SEC Settlement over Mortgage Deals

*Societe Generale €446 Million Settlement Euribor Manipulation 

*RaboBank $475 Million Settlement over Libor Manipulation

*UBS $885 Million Settlement over FHFA Lawsuit

*RBS €391 Million Interest Rate Rigging

*Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley $557 Million Settlement over Foreclosures 

*Wells Fargo $541 Million Fannie Mae Loan Settlement 

*MF Global $100 Million to CFTC

*Citigroup $3.5 Billion FHFA Settlement

2013 Total $49,591,800,000


*JPM $2.6 Billion Settlement related to Madoff Fraud

*Morgan Stanley $1.25 Billion Mortgage Settlement 

*Bank of America $6.3 Billion Settlement of Mortgage Securities Suit

*Citi $7 Billion Settlement for Mortgage Probe 

*US Bancorp $200 Million Settlement with DOJ over bad Mortgage-Loan Apps

*Credit Suisse $885 Million Settlement over FHFA 

*JPM $4 Billion Settlement over FHFA Lawsuit

*Deutsche Bank $1.9 Billion Settlement over FHFA Lawsuit

*Credit Suisse Guilty with $2.6 Billion fine over Tax Evasion 

*Bank of America $16.6 Million Settlement over Sanctions Violations

*Bank of America $9.5 Billion FHFA Settlement

*Morgan Stanley $275 Million SEC Settlement over Risky Mortgages

*Citigroup $5 Million SEC Settlement over Lavaflow

*BNP Paribas $8.9 Billion PLEADS GUILTY


Update 8/21/2014

*Bank of America $17 Billion Settlement over U.S. Mortgage Probe

*Lloyds $370 Million Settlement on Rate Probe

*Bank of America $1.27 Billion Payed in regards to 'Hustle' Case

*AIG $960 Million Settlement for misleading investors before the crisis

*Citi $285 Million SEC Settlement Misleading investors on $1B package of Mortgage bonds

*Deutsche Bank, BayernLB RMNBS Settlement $810 Million


2014 Total $66,126,600,000




Total Penalties $170,702,800,000.