You Know Iraq's Bad When...

While Malaysian Airlines may have still been flying over warzones, it appears things have become so unstable and dangerous in Iraq that none other than Emirates Airlines has chosen to "re-route' around the troubled nation:


The re-routing is expected to take a few days according to an emailed statement as Emirates joins numerous other airlines in avoiding playing 'missile launcher roulette' with their passenger's lives to save a few bucks on gas.

Of course, with the world increasingly at war, airspace (and energy) needs may soon be at a premium once again.


As The BBC reports,

Emirates' president Sir Tim Clark told The Times MH17 "changed everything" and it was "very nearly in European airspace".


The airline told the BBC it was taking "precautionary measures" and "working on alternative routing plans for flights using Iraqi airspace


"We are closely monitoring the situation along with international agencies, and will never compromise the safety of our customers and crew," said Emirates.


Sir Tim said he thought other airlines would follow.


Emirates' president told The Times greater intelligence from the government about the safety of airspace would be welcome.