Watch As Former Israeli Ambassador Suddenly "Loses Audio" When Asked About Kerry Spying

Over the weekend we reported that in the latest diplomatic Snafu between Israel and the US, it was revealed that America's middle eastern ally had been eavesdropping on none other than John Kerry (it is unclear what precisely Israel had hoped to gain from this waste of time and resources). While it was clear that both sides would rush to cover up the embarrassment that Israel spying on the US would reveal, one question did make it through. However, that doesn't mean that it got an answer.

In the clip below, Michael Oren, former Israeli ambassador to the United States, said he could no longer hear an MSNBC news anchor when she asked about allegations that Israel spied on U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. According to Al Arabiya it was not possible to independently verify whether Oren could not hear the question or if he was pretending, but he answered previous questions during the interview without difficulty.

Perhaps the most surprising take home is just how little truth it takes for a politician to "lose the audio."


That said, or rather unsaid, who can blame Oren for not wanting to have any part of this: here is the US secretary of state on a pink bicycle, as photographed on Sunday in Nantucket by visitor Owen Perkins, National Review reported.



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