President Obama Holds Another Press Conference - Live Feed (Just An Hour Late)

What will it be this time? Grab your popcorn and tune in.. and don't forget, he "will not rest" until whatever 'it' is, is fixed...


  • "Partner" Africa?
  • Ebola "Aid"?
  • "Complaining"?
  • Stocks "Recovery"?
  • "Unpatriotic" Inversions?
  • Putin "Costs"?
  • Republican "Blockers"?
  • "Fairness"?
  • Border "Defense"?
  • "Dis"approval Ratings?
  • Cynicism?
  • Hopey-ism?


President Obama is was due to speak at 5pmET...


One can't help but feel he was going for the record...


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