Video Of The Russian "Humanitarian Convoy" Setting Off For Ukraine

Update: As Zvezda News reports, the convoy has departed toward Ukraine.

From the source, google translated:

To the east of Ukraine on the morning of August 12 departed 280 wagons with Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations humanitarian aid.   


The cargo was sent from Moscow Narofominsk. Total cargo weight - 2000 tons. This is the most necessary things for the civilian population affected by the carrying out of the military operation in the south-east of Ukraine, namely 400 tons of cereals, 100 tons of sugar, 62 tons of baby food, 54 tons of medical equipment and medicines, as well as 12 thousand sleeping bags and 69 power generators.


The operation of sending basic necessities has been agreed with the International Committee of the Red Cross. This was reported by the ITAR-TASS news agency .



As noted earlier, the Kremlin announced today that despite Western warnings not to interfere, Russia was set to dispatch a convoy of humanitarian assistance for east Ukraine, under the guise of a Red Cross mission, which would mark the first time Russians have officially entered into east Ukraine (aside from Crimea of course), even if all sides have agreed there would be no Russian military escort.

"It was noted that the Russian side, in collaboration with representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, is sending an aid convoy to Ukraine," the Kremlin statement said, without revealing when the convoy was going.

Shortly thereafter a video was leaked of what allegedly this convoy looks like: some ~300 military vehicles, all repainted "Humanitarian White."

Furthermore, as the license plates visible in the clip show (at least on the vehicles that exhibit plates), these are military plates with a black background and where the "76" and "50" designators indicates that the vehicles were licensed in Yaroslavl and Moscow regions. The breakdown of the various regional codes can be found here.

As we stated before, the vehicles are expected to be unarmed, which means that should something "bad" happen to them while on Ukraine territory, well, the word provocation certainly comes to mind.

The complete clip is shown below.

The trucks departing: