Ukraine Quickly Backs Off Threat Of Halting Russian Gas Transit After Europe Screams

That didn't take long.

A few short days after Ukraine's always entertaining puppet government, whose very existence is to benefit its western overlords and certainly Victoria Nuland's superiors, briefly forgot it has absolutely zero leverage should it alienate not only Russia but also Europe (read Angela Merkel) and announced it may halt Russian energy transits through the country (i.e., Russian gas deliveries for Germany) without obtaining Angela Merkel's preapproval to such a ridiculous threat, Europe - suffering a major flashback to early 2009 and realizing winter is just around the corner - promptly reminded Kiev just who is in control and advised its puppets that it opposes any Ukrainian cut-off of Russian gas, Bloomberg reports citing an EU official.

"Different parts" of the Ukrainian government are “actively considering” a cut-off of Russian natural gas in transit through Ukraine as part of possible sanctions against Russia, a European Union official says. The EU would oppose such a step by the Ukrainian government, which is drawing up legislation to allow sanctions against Russia because of its encroachment in eastern Ukraine, the EU official tells reporters in Brussels on the condition of anonymity

"The secure supply of energy through Ukraine must be maintained,’’ the official says.

Translation: sorry Ukraine, but when Europe has to choose between you and Russian gas, the gas wins every time.

To be sure, Ukraine quickly got the message, and as Energy Minister Yuri Prodan told Bloomberg, the Ukraine sanctions will target Russian companies, not specific resources, with the list of companies to be approved by National Security & Defense Council, Prodan says, declining to name any entities. [Insert any amount of money here] that Gazprom will not be on said list.

Naftogaz, Ukraine's energy company added that Ukraine may ban natgas transit by “certain” companies. In that event, unsanctioned counterparties would be allowed to ship gas across Ukraine; would need to sign new accord with Ukraine’s gas pipeline operator.

Naftogaz concluded that it will remain reliable gas-transit partner for EU, i.e., an obedient little puppet.

And now that Putin knows for a fact (as he has known all along) that he has all the leverage over Europe, and thus Ukraine, certainly don't expect him to back down any time soon.