10 Year Paper Auctioned Off With A Small Tail As Yield Drops To Lowest Since June 2013

The not so good news about today's Treasury auction, the second of the week in which $24 billion in 10 Year paper was sold, is that the yield came at 2.439, which was a 0.4 bps tail to the When Issued. The good news is pretty much everything else: the Bid To Cover jumped from July's 2.57 to 2.83, well above the TTM average of 2.68. Indirects took down 47% of the auction, also an improvement of the 39.6% last month, and above the past year average as Direct takedown also rose modestly from 13.9% to 15.1%, which however was just below the TTM average print. The plug, dealers, were left holding 37.9% of the auction: the least since May.  Overall, a rather uneventful auction.


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