Ferguson Protesters Refuse To Leave As Midnight Curfew Passes; Police In Riot Gear Present: Live Feeds

Update 2: It is after midnight in Ferguson and the curfew is now in effect for the next 5 hours. However, it appears that the curfew has already been broken. The ball is in the police's court:


Update: 3 minutes before midnight, it appears the curfew has had an effect on the local population:

And yet:

* * *

As reported earlier, the governor of Missouri announced earlier his afternoon that starting midnight, a curfew will be imposed on Ferguson until 5 am as part of the state of emergency unviled by the governor. The only problem is that with about an hour to go, the protesters have filled the streets and are refusing to disperse, even as police in riot gear is present and roadblocks have been setup.

The local police have cordoned off local storefronts as if expecting a repeat of last night's looting, which suggests that everyone now expects that the imposed curfew will be violated

Furthermore, and quite unexpectedly, none other than the founder of Twitter appears to be on the scene, livetweeting himself:

So will this be another violent night, this time with mass arrests, as the Ferguson population violates the governor's curfew, or will everyone manage to get along? Track the events in real time as they are about to unfold with these three live feeds.

Stream 1:

Stream 2:

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Stream 3:

Stream 4:

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