Stocks Hit All Time Highs After Russia Announces It Has "No Plans Of Military Incursion Into Ukraine"

Two weeks ago, a 100 point ramp in the S&P started when Russian RIA Novosti tweeted Russia was seeking to "de-escalate the conflict" in Ukraine, quoting the Russian Security Council Chief. Moments ago RIA went for a double when it tweeted a rather amusing statement from the Defense Ministry, namely that Russia has no plans of invading Ukraine.

RIA also added that the defence ministry is once again calling for a cease-fire for the aid convoy because it is "worried by use of incendiary bombs, ballistic missiles in Ukraine."

So will this be today's catalyst to push the S&P over 2000 (so far it is working with the S&P hitting fresh record highs on the statement), and will futures continue to rise on hopes that Russia will step back from its trade war with the west, something which has failed to produce a correction in stocks, and yet where every rumor of de-escalation leads to higher highs in the market? We should have the answer shortly.

And the result...