Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Convoy Returns To Russia

So much ado for nothing.

Following nearly 2 weeks of artificial tension and fake selloffs that brought the S&P within a fraction of 2000 only for Yellen to "not be Dovish" enough and spoil the party, with the first red Jackson Hole close in 5 years, the Russian "humanitarian" convoy which the objective media led everyone to believe was a Trojan horse just itching to launch a war in Ukraine, has left Ukraine after delivering its cargo.

According to Reuters,  a total of 184 vehicles from the Russian aid convoy which approached the Ukraine border on August 14 and only crossed into Ukraine on Friday "without permission", in a move which Ukraine first derided as a Direct Invasion then once again quickly changed its tune and admitted it had given it permission to enter to "avoid confrontations" have returned to Russia, citing a Ukrainian military spokesman said.

"According to our information as of 1 p.m. (1000 GMT), the departure from the territory of Ukraine by 184 Russian vehicles has been confirmed," the spokesman, Andriy Lysenko, told Reuters.


He said they had left through the same crossing point by which they had entered via the Ukrainian border settlement of Izvaryne. No checks by Ukrainian border guards or customs officers had taken place.


Asked how many Russian vehicles still remained in Ukraine, he replied: "I don't know."

Nothing quite like being on top of things: perhaps the CIA is no longer sharing its data with the Kiev regime?

Furthermore, considering Ukraine's government has been in a constant state of propaganda dissemination from the beginning, a matching and probably more credible source of information in this disinformation war is the Russian foreign ministry, which confirmed that the humanitarian aid has been delivered to the besieged city of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile all trucks that delivered aid had returned to Russia.

“We express our satisfaction that the Russian humanitarian aid for those in need in southeastern Ukraine has been delivered as intended. We were motivated only by the goal of helping civilian citizens in need,” the statement read.

All trucks have returned empty, Ukrainian and Russian border guards confirmed, Russian Deputy Emergency Minister Eduard Chizhikov said.

There were 227 trucks in the humanitarian operation participating in the operation, and they have all returned. All those vehicles have been searched by the representatives of the customs and border control, both on the Ukrainian and Russian side. No issues have been pointed out. All vehicles were empty upon returning, and the media representatives checked that, too, while they were filming the search,” Chizhikov stated.

But the endless drama...

The Foreign Ministry also said that they were “getting a lot of feedback from the residents of Lugansk, who were thankful for such a good attitude from the Russian part.”

A clip of the eastern Ukraine locals greeting the Russian convoy:

And perhaps in even more amusing news, Russia not only reacted to the latest "lie" out of NATO's Rasmussen, hell bent on finding the pretext to deliver even more NATO forces on the border with Russia, but said that it no longer pays attention to what he says:

Russia’s Defense Ministry has denied “another portion of accusations” by representatives of NATO against Russia. The latest claims include allegations that Russia directly involved its military and heavy weaponry in fighting on the Ukrainian territory.


We’ve stopped paying attention to Mr. Rasmussen’s empty talk and his press secretary. There is no point commenting on them. There is no proof there except Twitter,” official representative of Russia’s Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov stated.


“I would like to remind you that the official powers of Mr. Rasmussen ended on July 31, and today he’s acting not so much for the alliance, but as the organizer of the September 4 NATO summit in Wales. We understand that his prospects will depend on the promotion of that event,” the statement also said.

This is the same NATO that condemned the delivery of aid to a population stuck in the middle of the Ukraine civil war, which according to the red cross itself said was living in abysmal conditions, without water or power. The same population that once again just got that much closer to aligning with Russia in lieu of a Kiev government that has declared war on it.  Lugansk residents have already expressed hope that Russia will provide more humanitarian aid in the future, first vice premier of the Lugansk People’s Republic Vasily Nikitin told RIA Novosti. “We don’t have any food left, and we hope that Russia won’t leave us in this situation and these humanitarian convoys containing food will become commonplace. We hope for the help, and we need it,” Nikitin stated.

The simplest way this would happen, of course, is when the Donetsk republic follows in the steps of Crimea is annexed by Russia. However, with massive shale gas deposits located under the region, and with Hunter Biden director of a company that is quite eager to extract said shale gas, there is no way this region is going without a fight, one in which NATO is a key member.