Russia Asks If America Is Still Fit To "Participate In Solving International Problems"

Yesterday it was China slamming America's superpower status (and thus dollar reserve currency status) when in Sina News it stated the following:

Their various reconnaissance aircraft have been wandering around foreign airspace for decades and watching the military secrets of other countries like a disgusting thief spying over his neighbor’s fence. However, when the neighbor comes back with a big stick, the thief will turn tail and run away, blaming the neighbor.


When you show people weakness, they will bully you. When you show people strength, they will respect you.


We [the newspaper] believe the Chinese Air Force and Naval aviation should maintain a high level of vigilence and morale in southeast coastal region to prevent the further US action.


America has lost face and does not want to show the world they are sick. They have been lording over other countries for so long, and they will never let it go after they eat this loss.

Now it is Russia's turn, whose Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Friday, following the UN's delay in adopting a statement calling for a ceasefire in Ukraine after the US once again opposed Russia, which claimed among other things that "if the US opposes an absolutely non-confrontational, reconciliatory text, there can be no doubts that Washington intends to have the armed confrontation in Ukraine continued. It could be seen only as an attempt to ‘undermine’ the humanitarian mission." A mission which Russia greenlighted despite stern US opposition, and also concluded without incident as we reported yesterday, when the convoy returned to Russia after a brief stay in east Ukraine.  
Moscow believes that such policy is hypocritical, the ministry added. Of course, if indeed the Ukraine economic crisis is the direct result of US and CIA meddling as the Victoria Nuland intercepted recording validates, then Russia has every right to such an opinion.

The punchline:

"Cynical disregard for the fate of civilians and 'couldn't care less' attitude toward the international humanitarian law when it comes to geopolitical interests, becomes the core of the policy of the United States and its European satellites regarding Ukrainian," the statement read.

"More and more questions are being raised about the ability of the current US administration to participate in the development of realistic and pragmatic approaches to international problems, to adequately assess the situation in the various regions of the world," the Russia Foreign Ministry noted.

One wonders if based on his recent track record in the international arena, the president of the US wouldn't agree.

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