The “There’s No Inflation” Checklist

Submitted by Shane Obata

Presenting the “There’s No Inflation” Checklist

1) Don’t go to school – if you want to learn then turn on CNN.  

2) Don’t pay for medical care – if you get hurt then put on a band-aid and drink more water.

3) Don’t pay for transportation – if you have to get somewhere then teleport.

4) Don’t eat – if you HAVE to then cut your food into small pieces so it lasts longer (cough cough cough #McResources cough).

5) Don’t buy a house – if you have to live somewhere then pitch a tent in your local park.

6) Look at stupid charts such as:

* because CBOs projections are always right (warning: do NOT check the CBO's track record)

7) Ignore charts such as:

8) Stop paying for things, idiot.