Apple Set To Unveil iPhone Galaxy S6 Wearable Headphone Mobile Payment System - Live Feed

UPDATE: Yep - Samsung-esque big screen.. (stock tumbles to red)


It's thinner - phew!!



Battery time - exactly the same unless you get the gigantor version...

Here we go...

Icahn's been adding and everyone's excited about a bigger screen (like Samsung), an iWatch (like Motorola and Samsung), payments (like NFC on Samsung phones), Health (like Samsung), or whatever magic Tim Cook and his 'innovators' have in store. Apple's launch of iPhone 6 et al. will take place shortly...


Here is Bloomberg's excellent summary of what's expected...

• AAPL set to introduce iPhone with 4.7-inch screen and second model with 5.5-inch display; some analysts are calling 5.5-inch model the iPhone ‘6L,’ others refer to iPhone Air
• Expect new iPhones to include 20nm A8 chip, NFC, improved front-facing camera, 128GB storage option for 5.5-inch model, focus on features such as HomeKit, HealthKit: RBC (outperform)
• 5.5-inch model may ship at a later date than the 4.7-inch, with shortages throughout the holidays: Barclays (overweight)
• Expect 5.5-inch iPhone ‘6L’ to compete w/ Samsung’s Galaxy Note; AAPL may also upgrade screen of 64GB versions to sapphire: Piper Jaffray (overweight)
• AAPL unlikely to use sapphire in 5.5-inch model and will probably use Corning’s Gorilla glass instead; may still use sapphire for iWatch: Rosenblatt
• New iPhones may be priced at $299 for 5.5-inch model w/ contract; $199 for 4.7-inch model w/ contract: RBC

• Smartwatch will be shown at Sept. 9 event; will come in two sizes, each featuring curved, organic light-emitting diode screen and NFC technology, WSJ reported
• IWatch may be shown at event, with focus on lifestyle, personal fitness; device may not ship until after Thanksgiving at earliest w/ possible price in $250-$300 range: Barclays
• 50% chance of iWatch at Sept. 9 event; if it isn’t introduced, will likely be announced at Oct./Nov. iPad event and be available during holiday qtr: Piper
• IWatch initial focus on health, fitness applications and tethered to other AAPL products; L-T, smartwatch will likely be offered as standalone device: BMO (outperform)
• May see N-T pressure on shares if iWatch not announced: BMO
• NOTE: Re/code reported AAPL said to discuss $400 pricing for wearable device

• AAPL likely to announce new iPad mini, 9.7-inch iPad at Sept. event “or shortly thereafter;” may include fingerprint ID sensors as AAPL positions for corporate market: Barclays
• NOTE: Aug. 27, Bloomberg reported AAPL said to prepare new 12.9-inch iPad for early next year

• AAPL plans to turn next iPhone into a mobile wallet through partnership with major payment networks, banks, retailers, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bloomberg reported
• Initial payments offering may be partnership to enable NFC use within Apple stores, retail partners; in medium-term, may be integrated with iBeacons to create full solution: Piper
• Push into payments may include technology that provides a “secure element” and may allow transactions to take place seamlessly between iOS devices: Barclays


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Live feed (via Apple - for Mac users only) - click image for link to feed via Apple website


Live feed (via CNET)


The leaked images...


The suppliers... (via Ransquawk)

Carl Icahn told Bloomberg’s Trish Regan he has been adding to his Apple position.

Regan tweets interview with Icahn:

  • Sometimes you make money on pure simplicity. $AAPL trades at 10x earnings and it has an effective oligopoly
  • While everyone is worried about the new products today, I just look at the math. #s speak for themselves
  • I’ve been adding to my $AAPL position. Where else can you get a growth company at 10x earnings?
  • I’ve always been behind Tim Cook, though I did push him on the buyback. He’s a good manager.

Where's it going to go next? $100 is about right to start the presentation...


Historically, Apple stock has fallen an average of 1.2% on the day of its last six iPhone launch events, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said in a report Sunday.