Deutsche Bank: The Bubble Must Go On To Sustain The "Current Global Financial System"

When all is said and done, it all basically boils down to this: from Deutsche Bank's Jim Reid.

The bubble probably needs to continue in order to sustain the current global financial system and the necessary future deleveraging. However with yields moving ever lower in many parts of the world in recent times, partly due to weak growth, and with debt levels still moving higher, the chances are that most government bondholders are unlikely to achieve a positive real return over the medium to long-term from this starting point. Inflation or even the risk of sovereign restructuring will likely prevent this.

So there you have it: either the bubble goes on, or the "current global financial system" gets it.

What is left unsaid is that it is only the "1%" who benefits from the bubble. The wealth and income of everyone else gets progressively less, as even the Fed has been forced to admit, until there is nothing left. And should the bubble burst? Why the central banks will just reflate yet another bubble, which translated in lay man's terms means steal even more from the global middle class and give to the world's richest.