US Industrial Production Follows China; Misses With Biggest Drop Since Jan

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Sep 15, 2014 - 9:24

But but but... the survey all said record highs... Yet another piece of hard data hits the tape and disappoints. While Fed surveys point to an exuberant economy, Industrial Production fell 0.1% in August (missing +0.28% expectations) for its worst print since January's "weather"-related plunge. This comes on the heels of Chinese Industrial Production at its worst in 6 years... perhaps explaining why global GDP expectations continue to test cycle lows. US Capacity Utilization also dropped to 78.8% (lowest since Feb) and the weakness was all Manufacturing driven as production slumped 0.4% MoM - its worst since Jan. So who you gonna believe? Soft surveys? or Hard data?


NOT the exuberant economy stocks are crowing about...


Perhaps most worryingly - where have we seen such a divergence in Industrial Production before between China and US?

Charts: Bloomberg and Goldman