What's Wrong With This Chart?

Presented with little comment...

via Bloomberg's Consumer Comfort Survey

As Bloomberg reports...

Compare This:

The fewest Americans in almost a year say the economy is getting better as faster wage gains remain a missing element in the expansion.


“Confidence still is subpar, marked by deep and persistent concerns about the national economy overall,” said Gary Langer, president of Langer Research Associates LLC in New York, which produces the data for Bloomberg. “Stagnant incomes and lingering weakness in the job market are real challenges.”

To this:

A pickup in hiring this year is brightening spirits for the jobless. Today’s comfort index showed sentiment among unemployed Americans increased to 34.3 last week, the highest since the end of 2007, from 31.5.

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It seems it's good to be a rich asset-owner in America... and to be an unemployed welfare recipient... Mission Accomplished Fed/Obama