Alibaba Open Indication Puts Its Market Cap Greater Than Facebook, Verizon, JPMorgan, Just Under Wal-Mart

Moments ago, the NYSE revealed that the latest indication for the Alibaba open, due sometime in the next hour, is in the $82-$85, $84-87, $86-88, $87-89, $88-90, 90-91, 91-92, 92-93 range.

So assuming a mid-range price (which will surely be overtaken now that the market is in full on dot com bubble euphoria mode as even the Fed's Fisher admitted moments ago) , this means that Alibaba's market cap will be $227 billion, putting it among the 15 highest valued companies trading on US markets, above both Facebook and Verizon, and... JPMorgan.


Update: $92-93 now, which means $227 billion market cap.

And as we await the final price, Alibaba has surpassed the market cap of JPMorgan and, should it continue, it may even eclipse Walmart's $245 billion.