#OccupyAndOrFloodWallStreetForClimateChange Takes On NYSE TV Studio - Live Feed

It has been several years since the disjointed, confused, and extremely disorganized Occupy Wall Street movement made any headlines. Alas, in the interim, the career prospects of those who comprise its up prime age demographic have gone nowhere but down while inversely impacting the nominal free time of said cohort, which is why we were somewhat surprised it took as long as it did for the same individuals, best known for camping out in Zucotti Park (until it started snowing of course), to stage a daring comeback. Which they did today, following a weekend in which New York City was overrun with "The People's Climate March", protesting against climate change by... leaving behind them tons of non-biodegradable garbage.

It is this same group that has once again made its way all the way down into the Financial district, and specifically in front of the TV studio formerly known as the NYSE.

But while we understand the frustration of America's youth (although by the looks of thing the prevailing protesters have a median age well in the 30s) with life in America as a Millennial (or Gen Yer, or Gen Xer) as nothing continues to change in the country, we are a little confused: after all by now everyone should know that the "New York" Stock Exchange is located in Mahwah, New Jersey, and that all the servers that host HFT algos - the key market player in the New Normal - are EnergyStar compliant.

Which is why we hope that the young men and women in the live webcast below can explain to us: just what is it they are protesting?

Live Feed:

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Some examples...




Blue powder exuberance... (not tear gas)






And this sums it all up...