Police Unleash Water Cannons, Tear Gas To Disperse 'Block ECB' Protesters In Naples - Live Feed

As Mario Draghi unveils more wealth creation mechanisms for the world's elites, the people of Italy are revolting. Thousands have taken to the streets in Naples (where the ECB is meeting) to explain to Draghi "F##k Austerity" in a 'parade'. Police used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowds.





The meeting in Naples of the board of the European Central Bank president Mario Draghi could not pass unnoticed in the world antagonist, which by the time you are preparing to 2 October for an event by the name Block ECB . Moreover, the Central Bank is not the only initiative held in Naples that day, as there will also be the European assembly of small and medium-sized enterprises (with the participation of the head of state Giorgio Napolitano and President of the EU Commission, Barroso).

Block ECB , however, will focus its protests against the meeting chaired by Mario Draghi. Protests that put the police on alert, as they are expected arrivals from all over Italy and beyond . It is feared as always the infiltration of extreme fringes that could escalate the whole; concern that appears to be legitimate, since this event is born from the initiative of the more radical groups.


On October 2, 2014 in Naples meets the Governing Council of the European Central Bank!
18 The governors of the central banks of the EU countries and the six executive director of the ECB, including President Mario Draghi, in the conference to "agree on policies of economic recovery," in practice to "celebrate" the social disaster that they themselves prepared with the liberal government of the crisis with austerity policies and the total deregulation of the labor market, privatization of services, the subtraction of democracy and popular sovereignty with the treaties in the name of which are "justified" the cuts in social spending in all these years, from Maastricht to Fiscal Compact.

While unemployment exploded, consumption continued to shrink and too many people can not make it to the end of the month seems to us unacceptable arrogance of those who, with the construction of the euro, led the most powerful expropriation of social resources to the detriment of vulnerable social groups from all over Europe since the end of World War II. For the elite of European economic technocracy and the strong interests of which echoes the line certainly does not change: contract wages and rights is the only reform he believes really. The government Renzi, in the presidency of the European Union, will definitely be in the front row with his arduous attempt to make the Democratic Party the party of social stabilization and a political program that has already shown the true face with "Lupi decree" against the movement to the right the house and the Jobs Act to institutionalize perpetual insecurity