The Stunning Video When "Camera On A Drone" Entered An Active Volcano

Earlier this week, a bunch of guys from DJIGlobal had a brilliant idea: let's take the infamous "camera on a stick" from Go Pro(laroid), stick it on a drone, and dump the whole thing above the magma caldera of Iceland's most recent active volcanic eruption at Bardarbunga, while filming every step of the way.

The resulting video is stunning, even if the camera melted in the process.

Here, in DJI's own words:

DJI's first video in a series called "DJI Feats" takes you to the remote wilderness of an erupting Icelandic volcano, where Phantom 2 quadcopters are used to capture viewpoints of an exploding magma caldera too dangerous to be approached by manned aircraft.

The video was so impressive, none other than Charlie Rose covered the process: