Game Over Abenomics: "This Week Japan Will Acknowledge It Is In Recession", Goldman Reveals

We have been waiting for this particular bolded sentence ever since we predicted it would take place back in December 2012 when a bunch of Keynesians, a disgraced former/current prime minister with a diarrhea problem and, of course, the Goldman Sachs' corner suite, first unleashed Abenomics.

From Goldman's Naohiko Baba, previewing this week's key Japanese economic events

The Cabinet Office makes an assessment of the state of the economy based on the trend in the coincident CI, using a set of objective criteria. The August coincident CI is set to print negative mom. In this case, the Cabinet Office’s economic assessment will likely shift downward to “signaling a possible turning point” from the current level of “weakening”. According to the Cabinet Office, such a change in assessment provisionally indicates a likelihood that the economy has already fallen into recession. This is effectively akin to the government acknowledging that the economy is in recession.

And because every Keynesian lunacy has to end some time, RIP Abenomics: December 2012 - October 2014.