60 People Locked In Building After 4 Suspected Ebola Cases Near Paris

As The Local reports, it looks like Paris is all-clear

However later in the evening Nevache confirmed that the "suspicion was over" and the people were allowed to leave.


Le Parisien newspaper reported that the alarm was raised when one of four people "of African origin" who had recently visited Gunea fell ill in the building and two others showed flu-like symptoms.

Following news of the death of a British man in Macedonia from Ebola, RTL reports that 60 people are locked inside a Department of Medical and Social Coordination (DASS) building in Cergy-Pontoise (on the northeast edge of Paris) following Ebola-like symptoms in 4 people.




As RTL reports,

The premises of the DASS in Cergy-Pontoise (Val-d'Oise) is currently curly. Authorities suspect an Ebola case and locked sixty people.


An attending physician on the premises has been warning noting troubling symptoms in four people who had returned from Guinea.


Specific first aid arrived on the scene there for over an hour, a perimeter was set up and a crisis enabled prefecture.


Workforce of UAS equipped accordingly are expected on site a moment's notice.

As Le Figaro confirms,

A building of the DASS of Cergy -Pontoise , near Paris , was cordoned off tonight after the unrest in the premises of a person who may be from Guinea and features similar to those of Ebola like symptoms, a- was learned from sources.


The building, owned by the General Council , was completed " to carry out checks ," said the prefect of the Val- d'Oise , Jean -Luc Nevache . Besides the person who feels unwell a second person had flu-like symptoms , said Dr. Nevache , evoking a simple measure of "precaution" .


According to RTL , the authorities shut sixty in total. A security perimeter has been established .

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It appears the reach of this deadly disease is growing..


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