2nd Ebola Patient's Akron, Ohio Family Home Cordoned Off

Having now identified the 2nd health care worker infected with Ebola as Amber Joy Vinson, and discovered she (against CDC advice) traveled across the nation to her family home in Tallmadge (near Akron, Ohio), we now find out that, as WKYC reports, police have cordoned off the home of her mother and are allowing only limited access to the residential development.



As Cleveland.com reports,

Dallas nurse Amber Joy Vinson spent last weekend in Tallmadge, an Akron suburb, before testing positive for the Ebola virus.


Summit County Public Health officials are still trying to determine who Vinson may have seen and where she went while she was visiting family. A family member has already self-quarantined himself in a Tallmadge home following Vinson's positive test.


Interviews to determine Vinson's whereabouts are expected to take time, said Summit County Public Health Medical Director Margo Erme, and people will be interviewed twice to determine whether or not they were in contact with Vinson.


"We have been in there all day to see if there are additional contacts and to see where those additional contacts may be, and also the nature of those contacts," Erme said.


Quarantine needs will be determined on an individual basis, Erme said.


Health officials learned the Vinson had been in the county at around 10 a.m. Wednesday.

And now as WKYC reports,

Police have taped off a home in Tallmadge they believe belongs to the mother of Ebola patient Amber Vinson.



The home is on Stonegate Trail, in the Stonegate Reserve housing development.


At one point, about seven police cars were outside the home and later, that number went down to three.


Police are only allowing limited access to the development for residents.




The development is here...