The Great Rig of the Last Five Years is Ending

Since 2012, when Europe was about to collapse, we’ve been told that “everything was fixed.” Everyone from finance ministers to the President of the US stated that we were in recovery and the worst was behind us.

Now, we find out that:

1)   Europe is completely busted. The political class over there lied to the people, and even circumvented Democracy to keep the fraud in place. It’s telling that nationalism is on the rise there again. If your vote no longer counts… and the folks in power don’t give a flying turnip about your well being, things tend to get ugly fast.

European Financials have completely broken their trendline from the 2012 bottom:

France’s economy is imploding… gee who would have thought that socialism wouldn't work when there's no money to tax away anymore?

Ditto for Spain... which is now beginning the process of breaking into multiple countries.


And even Greece, which has been “saved” FOUR TIMES is collapsing again. Time to save it again!

2)   In the US, we now know for a fact that all of the “data” showing us in recovery was in fact fictitious. This was a recovery “on paper” only.


Real unemployment is over 12%, nearly half of all US households are on some form of Government assistance, and GDP growth should be included in great works of fiction along with Moby Dick and The Scarlet Letter. Nothing is what it seems anymore. The great rig is ending...


This is all only the beginning. When the smoke clears, stocks could be 30% lower than where they are now, if not more.

The great rig of the last five years is ending. Are you prepared?

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