The Chart That Explains Why Fed's Bullard Wants To Restart The QE Flow

Remember when the Fed (and their Liesman-esque lackies) tried to convince the world that it was all about the 'stock' - and not the 'flow' - of Federal Reserve Assets that kept the world afloat on easy monetary policy (despite even Bullard admitting that was not the case after Goldman exposed the ugly truth). Having first explained to the world that it's all about the flow over 2 years ago, it appears that, as every equity asset manager knows deep down (but is loathed to admit for fear of losing AUM), of course "tapering is tightening" - as the following chart shows, equity markets are waking up abruptly to that reality. So no wonder Bullard is now calling for moar QE - he knows it's all there is to fill the gap between economic reality and market fiction.


Tapering is Tightening.... as the flow of Fed free money slows... so equity performance suffers.


Of course it's not just the Fed (as Citi shows below) but for now the ECB seems unable to pull the trigger and the BoJ is hitting both political and market sentiment limits on its craziness.


And we better get moar... because the gap between perception and reality is huge...


Charts: Bloomberg and @Not_Jim_Cramer