How China & Gold Will Shape The Future

Willem Middlekoop, author of The Big Reset – The War On Gold And The Financial Endgame, believes the current international monetary system has entered its last term and is up for a reset. Having predicted the collapse of the real estate market in 2006, (while Ben Bernanke didn't), Middlekoop asks (rhetorically) - can the global credit expansion 'experiment' from 2002 – 2008, which Bernanke completely underestimated, be compared to the global QE 'experiment' from 2008 – present? - the answer is worrisome. In the following presentation he shares his thoughts on the future of the global monetary system; and how gold, the US and China are paramount for its outcome.


Middlekoop predicts the real estate crash in 2006... (ensure English Subtitles - Closed Captions - are enabled)


Bernanke did not... (stunning!!)


So just how big an underestimation are central bankers making this time with their 'experimentation'...

Willem Middelkoop On The Big Reset... (ensure English Subtitles - Closed Captions - are enabled)

Source: Koos Jansen via BullionStar

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And here is an in-depth interview with Middelkoop (in English) that summarizes "how the house of cards will come tumbling down"


FULL TRANSCRIPT OF THE INTERVIEW available at the website above.

02:11 - Live video of Willem Middelkoop from Amsterdam.

03:52 - The Next Reset

05:45 - Christine LaGarde - Reset, notes at Davos

07:37 - Asset backed currencies, SDR

09:03 - Bretton Woods - Gold backed dollar

09:41 - Germany gold repatriation - Fort Knox Gold

10:38 - Germany Bundesbank

12:15 - Central bankers and gold

12:26 - IMF double counting gold of member countries.

13:36 - Gold Certificates - Gold on Federal Reserve and Treasury balance sheets.

14:35 - Which countries have the most gold reserves

15:32 - Interest Rates - Negative Rates - Japan example for U.S. and E.U.

17:26 - Debt to GDP - Japan - Why we need a monetary reset - Debt restructurings

19:20 - Financial Reforms versus sovereign Debt Restructuring

20:05 - Debt Cancellation - Removing $2 trillion from Federal Reserve Balance Sheet - If the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury reevaluate gold's price to $4,200 or $8,400 an ounce instead of $42 an ounce as it is currently.

22:08 - The Euro and the Global Currency Reset - Currency Devaluation, gold. Financial Reset - World Championship of Money Debasement

23:17 - Investing in paper currencies, what do you recommend?

24:29 - Other investments, real estate, tangible assets. Where and when to buy.

25:47 - Gold and Silver rising over the next few years? $2,000 gold by 2015, $3,000-4000 by 2020. Silver - $50-75 2015/2016. $100 or more per ounce before 2020.

27:04 Gold/Silver Ratio and $100 an ounce silver. Gold is reused, silver is used up, silver shortages coming.

29:11 Already a silver shortage here in the United States.

29:47 London Silver Fix Ending

30:50 China Official Gold Holdings, not updated since 2008.

31:46 - Koos Jansen

32:44 - What kinds of gold should people get into, physical, mining, etf? What is the ideal portfolio?

34:08 - Pullback in precious metals, trading close to 2010 levels, how long can it last?

35:14 - Willem's fund CDFUND (Commodity Discovery Fund) performance.

35:53 - Quantative easing, can the U.S. stop or just taper? Russia and China stopped buying U.S. Treasuries

37:41 - How much can interest rates be raised? National debt of the U.S. why we need a reset of the system. It's in the interest of the U.S. to take the lead.

39:29 - How close are we to the reset? Will it be overnight like it's been historically or gradual?

41:14 - Now is the time to prepare for the reset - gold and silver correction

42:34 - War on Gold and the Financial Endgame - Gold is the natural enemy for the dollar, the U.S. and the system. European countries help the U.S.

43:52 - - They have done great research for the last 10 years.

44:19 - Contacting Willem Middelkoop - Commodity Discovery Fund