Caption Contest: Bart Chilton Salutes You

When someone asks you who is the biggest sellout is in the history of the CFTC, the person who allegedly "crusaded" against gold and silver manipulation, only to blame his and his agency's gross incompetence and conflicts of interest on lack of funding, and who tirelessly preached about the dangers of HFT to anyone who cared, only to become an HFT lobbyist and advisor, one right answer isn't the long-haired terrorist dude but his real-life doppelganger, Bart Chilton.

Then again, Mr. Chilton doesn't care what you think of him, as he laughs all the way to the bank.

In fact, here he is at the World Federation of Exchanges 54th Annual Meeting (where he is defending HFT) telling his critics precisely what he thinks of them.

Source @WFE, h/t Ronan