Santelli Slams The Fed As "Weak-Data"-Dependent; Lacy Hunt Warns "We're Not On The Right Path"

Confirming Rick Santelli's perspective on the unending 'easiness' of the Fed, Hoisington Investment Management's Lacy Hunt states unequivocally that "The Fed will not raise rates in 2015," and warns that the US economy and monetary policy "are not on the right path," in this excellent brief interview. Santelli slams the Fed's asymmetric policy, coining a new phrase that Yellen is only "weak-data"-dependent and Hunt confirms that "by its past policy errors, the Fed has put itself out of business," enabling massive build ups of debt, warning that "debt is an increase in current spending in lieu of future spending," and confirms the truth that rather than deleveraging, "the world is significantly more leveraged now than in 2008."


Well worth the price of admission... 150 seconds of reality..."The Fed has spawned this 'buy now, pay later' scheme of the American consumer... but there comes a point when the 'pay later' overwhelms the 'buy now'... and when that happens monetary policy is basically ineffective"