Why Treasury Yields Have Further To Fall (In 1 Simple Chart)

Despite the powerful rally over the last several weeks that brought the US equity markets back to their all-time highs, treasury yields are up only slightly and are well below mid-September levels. Meanwhile, as Gavekal Capital notes, speculators are still carrying a hefty short position in 10-year treasury futures and options contracts, implying that yields have further to fall yet.



Speculators are currently short about 160,000 contracts. Over the last several years, significant lows in yields have not been achieved until speculators became net long about 100,000 contracts, implying a 260,000 long contract delta that would need to be filled to achieve a low in yields.

Simply put, if history is a guide we are going to have to observe a massive change in positioning before yields make a low.


Source: Gavekal Capital blog