Silver Soars 17% From Intraday Lows: Biggest Swing On Record; Gold Tops $1210 (+$70 Off Lows)

Silver is up over 17% from its intraday lows today - this is the biggest positive swing since our data began. All the previous major swings have been downshifts, most recently in September 2011 (-22% and -18% over 2 days). Volume is very high also. Gold is back above $1,210,up over $70 from its intraday lows...


The biggest intraday positive swing on record... ($16.82 is next test for SIlver at 50DMA)


And gold and silver are exploding... (gold has broken above its 50DMA at $1205)


Silver & Gold are back above pre-OPEC decision leak levels...


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