Here Comes The Stick Save: ECB "QE Coming" Headline Sends Stocks To New Record High

Who could have seen that coming!!??? Apparently Draghi could not clarify exactly what he meant in 90 minutes, 3 hours ago!!!!


So, despite telling us earlier than not January and not ready, we get this spurious headline just as EURUSD crossed 1.2450... Fun-durr-mentals indeed.


Here is Bloomberg's Jana Randow:

  • European Central Bank Governing Council expects to consider proposal for broad-based asset program including sovereign debt next month, two euro-area central-bank officials familiar with deliberations said.
  • Package envisaged to include all kinds of bonds, no equities
  • Package hasn’t been designed yet; no decision on implementation taken yet
  • Composition of package may be influenced by incoming data
  • Officials asked not to be identified because discussion is private
  • ECB spokesman declines to comment


We would guess this is thanks to ECB's Daniele Nouy who is speaking at a German Finance Ministry event.

Here's the machines reading the headlines...


Is the market really going to fall for this again?!

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And now Bloomberg is retracting:

Which is odd, because moments after we posted the tweet by Bloomberg's Eurozone economist, he promptly took it down (see here). A phone call from Frankfurt perhaps?