Guest Post - Skyception: The Deception and Manipulation of ‘We the People’ and our Skies

Guest Post

Skyception: The Deception and Manipulation of ‘We the People’ and our Skies







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Introduction by Cognitive Dissonance


Just when you think a subject has been analyzed to death someone comes along and breaks new ground. And not just in the conclusions they draw, but in the thought process and logic they apply. Sometimes it can be so new and innovative we might be tempted to shake our heads and say “This can’t be right” when in fact it might just be.

Morpheus is one of those rare individuals who is never satisfied with prepackaged conclusions, especially when they utilize stale information (often carefully disguised ‘beliefs’) and conforms to a polarized consensus. Where most might be happy absorbing such a pretty little package, Morpheus immediately starts asking uncomfortable questions and challenges the basic premises. Essentially he is the poster child for those who truly think outside of the box.

In this three part series Morpheus tackles an extremely controversial subject with humility, diligence and most importantly an open mind. Rather than remain within the mainstream or alternative views Morpheus has attempted to gather information and points of view from many different and diverse disciplines and practitioners. Personally I think he has done a great job.





Chapter One of Three

The Levels of Deception and how Psychological Operations are Used Against Us


When was the last time you looked up at the daytime sky and really examined it for several minutes? Does it seem different to you in some way, but you just are not sure what it is? Increasingly, people from all walks of life are beginning to realize that at times our skies look quite different from the way they were a few decades ago. While just a few years ago these people would have been laughed out of the room if they expressed their views in public, more and more these days this subject is beginning to be taken seriously by the general public…..and even some ‘officials’ as well.

While some call this phenomenon Geoengineering or Climate Engineering, it is more commonly known in the alternative community as ‘Chemtrails’, where persistent vapor trails (supposedly of water vapor) are visible after a plane passes high overhead. There are many theories offered in the alternative media about what is happening, and we will examine nearly all. However, before we can address any of them we must first ask a more basic question: Why is it so difficult to discover the reasons behind what is going on and why is this observable phenomenon occurring at all? This chapter, the first of three, will describe some of the methods used to intentionally prevent us from knowing and understanding the truth.

Before we can begin to explore the truth we must first understand the various ways we are misled, manipulated and deceived using Psychological Operations or ‘psyops’. Once we are better able to see through the lies and cover stories, then we can begin to explore who and what is behind these programs and what it all means to us. ‘Aerosols’, whether visible or not, will be defined and used throughout these three chapters as the intentional application of materials - chemical, biological, nano or other particles - into the atmosphere most commonly by, but not limited to, airplane. The word ‘chemtrail’, a commonly used descriptive term many are familiar with, has become misleading and even derogatory which in turn helps to perpetuate the manipulation. Therefore it needs to be discarded and will be for the remainder of this series.

Psychological operations (pysops) are the means by which intelligence agencies, governmental operatives and private networks accomplish their deceptions and which operate on every social, corporate and governmental level imaginable. This chapter will examine a number of these psyops, all of which have been deployed against us, and provide examples so we may have the tools to avoid being duped or suckered into their deliberate lies and pursue their false leads.

The basic goal of any psyop is to provide cover for something the operatives wish to remain hidden or obscured. And in the case of aerosols and geoengineering, the psyops appears to be very large and complex since operations of this magnitude require a huge amount of money (many billions of dollars annually), time, cooperation among diverse groups and complicity to make it all happen. Particularly when you consider the number of pilots and air crews, media people, private corporations, governmental agencies and others involved who need to remain silent about it. Given all of these factors there seems to be little question about the importance of what they are covering up, something to keep in mind as we explore this subject further.

The most common and effective psyop used against us is known as ‘Manufactured Consent’ and ‘Manufactured Dissent’. When used together, these techniques are specifically designed to gather consensus for a particular opinion while simultaneously creating controlled, and easily dismissed, dissent by way of a carefully crafted opposing view. These methods are often employed in our political world to polarize an issue by creating false ‘choices’. We are either ‘Left’ or ‘Right’, ‘Conservative’ or ‘Liberal’, ‘Democrat or Republican’.

This also applies to the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) debate where you are presented with only two choices. Either you are required to completely support AGW or you are derisively labeled a climate change denier if you question the so-called ‘settled science’ regardless of whether or not you actually deny changes in the climate. Argue all you want for either side, but you are not allowed to diverge from either, which in turn very effectively constrains both alternative discussions and outcomes.

These command and control techniques have been used for thousands of years to divide and rule the masses via politics, religion, ethnicity, race, gender and so many other ways in order to keep people partitioned and fighting amongst themselves. We might even speculate that Darwin’s theories of evolution were intended to act as Manufactured Dissent to obscure the true cause of evolution while providing a controlled outlet for those looking outside the church for answers to our creation. Given how Darwin’s work buried many truths only now coming to light, along with his connection to British elite and eugenics, and it is not difficult to reach this conclusion, especially when considering the true nature of the evolutionary process.

By forcing people to either side of the aisle in the AGW discussion, this psyops technique severely limits the ongoing conversation regarding the real factors behind climate change while discouraging any mention of aerosols without a verbal beat down consisting of derision, mockery or marginalization and coming from both sides. As you will see in the next chapter, the issue of AGW is inextricably linked to aerosols and it is important and necessary to maintain false beliefs and deception in the climate discussion in order to be useful for other more complicated psyops. Rarely does a psyops exist in a vacuum, but rather many psyops are carefully interlinked to build mutual credibility while more completely confusing the issues from the intermixing. This is done even when one entity does not control the other entity’s psyops. In the black ops world, even opposing forces will feed off each other for their own benefit.



Synergy of Psyops Mind and Motion


The goal is to keep you endlessly circling this cognitive level and to keep you engaged, consumed and neutered in this ideological fight. For some it has become almost a religion as they try to convert and convince others to act now in order to stop the so-called ‘carbon pollution’ that is supposedly cooking and destroying our planet. And those against AGW are just often as duped, since they are against it for all the wrong reasons yet still serve a useful purpose in the fight. They are just as unwilling to look up and ask ‘why’, then openly discuss what is happening to our skies. Unfortunately both sides are just as quick to dismiss the science in defense of their favored ideology.

If for some reason we find the courage to break from the ideological pack and speak up about the truth, that our climate is influenced by many other factors more significant than human activity and our carefully hidden and obscured solar (and solar system) history is critical to know when trying to understand what is happening today; if this direct approach is tried with such a degree of professionalism that it threatens to be publically influential, then the next level of psyops is quickly deployed to prevent us from effectively speaking out.

Money for silence is often the first (and most effective) approach. But if you don't remain silent, potentially controlling information or ‘files’ – containing some of the illegal or embarrassing things you may have done or are currently doing - are used against you to force your silence. If that fails or damaging ‘files’ are not available, more direct ‘Soft Weapons’ are used. There are a number of different approaches that can be employed to apply pressure and keep you contained. They can threaten your funding or career, destroy your business and personal relationships, attack you in the media or even physically threaten you. The sky (pun intended) is the limit.

One can look back in time to both Nicola Tesla and Immanuel Velikovsky and recognize how this line of attack was used quite effectively during the course of the last century to keep their important work and theories out of public knowledge and discourse. There are numerous examples of modern day scientists and other professionals suffering severe and debilitating consequences when they spoke out against, or directly questioned, the AGW ideology. And all it takes is a few public beatings to dissuade others from openly considering other factors when researching or discussing climatic change.

Most people remain at this level in the ideological fight without ever seriously considering what is happening both in our skies and further out in space. Is it no wonder then that people remain functionally unaware of the persistent trails and aerosol programs since they have been manipulated into not questioning it? Many might not remember, but a decade ago questions about persistent trails were widely covered in the media and it was openly discussed at the time. The term used back then was also ‘chemtrails’ and in order to deflect and dampen the public discourse the word was quickly associated with the CIA-developed derogatory term ‘Conspiracy Theorist’.

With that weapon in their arsenal, the operatives could provide a simple but illogical explanation for the persistent trails and quickly dismiss serious people armed with valid questions by the effective use of public derision. Most people quickly moved back into their slumber and did not question the issue further, especially since they did not want to be associated with all those other publically disliked Conspiracy Theorists. A similar method was used early on to dispel ‘Truther’ questions about 9/11. It was, and remains, a very negatively charged weapon that can be quickly mobilized to shut down discussion on any controversial subject.

However, there are those of us who realize something is going on that is not normal, especially since the persistent trails have increased in frequency over the last decade, thereby prompting many more people to ask penetrating questions, do their own research and begin to break away from the hive mind of consensus and corralled thinking.

At this point, newer and increasingly complex psyops are required as it becomes progressively more difficult to keep a lid on it by keeping us confused and contained. As we begin to follow the camouflaged trail and look to non-mainstream sources for information and analysis, we find sock puppets who are paid trolls, opposition figures and various others in chat rooms and forums. An entire industry of professional trolls has been created just to convince you, me and millions like us that it is crazy and socially dangerous to look any further.

Many of our friends and family, who often lack the natural curiosity and intestinal fortitude to swim against the tide and be shunned themselves, prefer to think we are nuts to even discuss subjects such as this. Complicating matters immensely, we have probably brought our own AGW opinion or ideology to the party and have yet to find other resources that could educate us about our climate in relation to the space beyond our atmosphere, our own sun and other celestial bodies. With all this, most mildly curious people just throw up their hands in frustration and head back to their mind numbing entertainment for emotional relief.


Opiates for the Mind

Opiates for the Mind


The lack of understanding of the AGW psyops (or any psyop for that matter) provides an opportunity for more nuanced operatives called ‘Gate Keepers’ to engineer their blocking techniques. These highly trained specialists provide kernels of credible information and readily admit to part of the truth, thereby providing plausible cover for the larger hidden issues. The gate keepers are widely supported by the subverted mainstream media and are declared public experts, thereby appearing highly credible in the eye of the general public. This valuable media support enables them to bar the gates to embargoed information and a better understanding of the subject matter. Often the information provided by the gate keeper is designed to distract and disarm or, in this case, to feed the overall ideology of AGW no matter what side you may still support.

We can think of a few groups that fit this description, for example Geoengineering Watch to name just one. They are popular in some of the alternative media and are involved in the production of documentaries that perpetuate the AGW myth, yet they refuse to engage in serious discussion about the role our sun plays in our planet's climate. Ultimately they are similar in function and style to Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman, all well-known 9/11 (and other verboten subjects) gate keepers.

Now that geoengineering itself is becoming more familiar to the public, in the latest psyops twist we now find much talk about using geoengineering to combat the Global Warming threat, effectively using leverage on one subject to perpetuate another in what is called a ‘Limited Hangout’. This ‘theme’ has become more prominent in the alternative media over the last few years, with questionable sources like Abby Martin of Russia Today or even Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! playing their well rehearsed role to help roll it all out for public consumption. I will speak more on this subject in the next chapter.

Another twist to be aware of is Nexrad, a term often used to describe land-based electromagnetic facilities used together with aerosols to manufacture all of our weather. We are informed it is used solely for this purpose; sometimes it is even promoted as weather warfare. However, there is no discussion of space weather impacts when discussing Nexrad and solar influences are never mentioned by those acting as a Gatekeeper for this issue.

As mentioned earlier, limited hangouts are another attractive nuisance designed to keep you from the truth. We can identify when a limited hangout is deployed by recognizing certain revealing characteristics identified by Webster G. Tarpley, who had originally developed the list during his study of geopolitical events. Some of the same giveaways can also be applied to identify other types of limited hangout psyops on topics such as aerosols.

The list is as follows.


  1. Media Darling -- you are the spotlight of the media
  2. Nothing New -- you learn nothing new from what they reveal
  3. Nothing Big -- they don't address larger connected issues; for example 9/11, false flag attacks, financial fraud etc
  4. Prepares New Coverts Ops –- it acts as cover for larger operations
  5. Cheerleaders Get Prestigious Careers -- back to Chomsky, Goodman and Greenwald
  6. No Top Careers Destroyed -- damaging information that is attributed to, or blamed upon, no one of importance
  7. Damascus Road Conversion -- now s/he believes the ‘truth’ should be revealed 


A subject that quickly comes to mind when looking at this list is HAARP. With books, TV shows and other significant media coverage focused squarely upon HARRP, one has to wonder why so much can be known about a ‘secret’ program that gets so much of the blame for aerosols, weather modification and other related programs. It was handed to you and me on a beautifully engraved silver platter as the solution to all our questions. All one need do is consume and then sleep.

Another debilitating technique used is to create or enflame infighting within the ‘community’ to induce you and I to choose the ‘right’ side by accepting their argument for why they alone are correct. We saw this recently with Dane Wigington and Michael Murphy attacking each other while WeatherWar101 skillfully inserted him/herself into the fight. With explosive terms bandied about by both sides such as disinformation, agent/operative and psyops, it is easy to fall prey to these false ‘disagreements’. While they claim to occupy different sides of the discussion, all of them refuse to talk about the main influences on our climate and weather systems, even going so far as to deny it is relevant at all.

To fully understand the changes to our climate we must know our true solar history (something which has been deliberately kept from us) what is presently happening within our solar system and, perhaps more important, with our sun. If we fail to do so we will remain deeply confused, which leads directly to false trails down dead end rabbit holes. In chapter three you will find trusted information sources that can help you acquire this knowledge.

There are a number of theories that purport to explain the geoengineering and aerosol programs, some of which are likely organic while others are intentionally developed and planted to keep us confused and away from the truth. Regardless, each of them needs to be considered in light of all of the facts we have and viewed through the revealing lens of psyops. Remember, what is not talked about is often far more important than what is actually discussed. While some theories may be true or even part of larger operations or programs, others can be easily disproven as false, uninformed or intentional disinformation.

In chapter two we will examine some of these theories and poke holes in them where appropriate. In addition, we need to further explore the use and abuse of the word ‘Chemtrails’, a very broad and indistinct term commonly used to describe all we observe visually and chemically. It may be vitally important to publically abandon the use of this word and use persistent aerosols and non-persistent aerosols instead. The distinction is relevant and will be parsed further in chapter two.

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