WTF Chart Of The Day: Explaining The Surge In US Retail Sales

Confused at how such awesome retail sales headlines can lead to the kind of weakness we are seeing in stocks now that Lending Club's IPO has started trading? Wondering why bonds are now lower in yield on the day in the face of 'proof' that the US consumer is back? Wonder no more, as STA Wealth Management's Lance Roberts points out, November's seasonal adjustment for retail sales was - drum roll please - the 3rd largest on record... so maybe, just maybe, the 'market' is seeing through that pure riggedness, wondering about the huge surge in continuing claims, and agog at the blowout in credit spreads and collapse in crude...


Seriously?!! The 3rd largest November seasonal adjustment on record... why? and remember retail sales only beat by 0.1ppt!


Speechless, yet?

Well look at this...


Rigged much?


Charts: STA Wealth Management and Bloomberg