3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Dallas

Just a few short hours after a series of deep, if not very strong, eartquakes shook north-central Oklahoma, moments ago the ground zero of the US energy industry, the city of Dallas, TX, felt the ground shaking. According to the USGS, this was due to a 3.5 magnitude quake, which stuck at a depth of some 3.2 miles below the Texas city.


The United States Geological Survey reports a 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck in Irving near the former site of Texas Stadium Tuesday afternoon.


The newsroom at NBC 5 at CentrePort near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport felt significant vibration at about 3:10 p.m. as desks and chairs shook inside  the building. Our media partners at The Dallas Morning News in Downtown Dallas also reported feeling the tremblor.


The tremor was also reportedly felt in Oak Cliff, Arlington, Carrollton, Addison and elsewhere.


A number of quakes have been reported in the Irving-area since October.


A researcher from Southern Methodist University and his team are studying the source of several recent earthquakes in North Texas.

Was it shale related? The experts will opine, however if the answer is yes, Saudi Arabia, in all its humanitarian generosity, will make sure that the Lone Star state doesn't host many more such tremors.